Tyler + Robert Wedding

I could not ask for a more perfect couple than Tyler and Robert. They ventured the storms with me on their engagement shoot and they brought me to the most beautiful backdrop for their wedding. Adventurers = Epic photos! Every moment of the day was magic and the love that these two have for each other shines through in every image. You know it's going to be amazing when the couple is just as excited as I am about photos under the stars...  Here is a look into the beautiful wedding at the Ribault Club...


Becky + Jason Engagement

I parked my car and began walking the streets of Saint Augustine to meet with Becky and Jason for their engagement session. Half way to where I was supposed to meet them, one of our wonderful afternoon rain storms quickly came through and landed right on me. Twenty minutes later and soaked to my socks, I finally got to them to start our shoot. Just like the troopers I knew they would be, a little rain couldn't stop us from taking some amazing photos together. With the puppy children in tow, we conquered the wet streets and found the perfect end to our session with a miraculous sunset...

Tyler + Robert Engagement

Rain happens in Florida...often unannounced. Many times it likes to bring lightening with it. When I met Tyler and Robert at North Guana Beach for their engagement session, we decided to try and beat the incoming storm so that we would not have to reschedule their session. Everything went perfectly and the session was as perfect as ever. And the best part...all three of us like a good adventure! We decided to stay a few minutes right before the storm was upon us to capture an epic moment for the end of their engagement session. One bolt of lighting, a windy beach, and a perfect dip kiss made that epic-ness happen!